Complete Your Investment in Seismic

You’ve begun your investment in Seismic, an early-stage growth investor. Seismic’s team is seeking the next big idea—the ones that completely transform and shake their industries. We look for companies that, when you hear about them, make you say, “why didn’t I think of that first?”—and those committed to achieving their goals with the highest ethical standards.

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Here’s why you should complete your investment today:

1 Invest in a portfolio of companies poised to become Seismic, shaking the core of their industries.
We believe we are uncovering Seismic firms—those that are poised to shake the very core of their industries and experience seismic growth. Our job is to boost their likelihood of success, and we handle almost everything that isn’t product- or customer-related.

We provide:
  • Collaborative and supportive mentorship
  • An extensive advisor network and management team that mentors, collaborates with, and opens doors for our companies, providing partnerships with corporate America, Hollywood, and/or government, as appropriate
  • Marketing and sales training
  • World-class employee benefits
  • HR assistance
  • and much more

We will do all of this without smothering our companies—we are nurturing partners, not overlords.

2 Diversification.
Most exciting investments in small, private emerging growth companies involve an investment in just one company. Seismic is a holding company, and our plan is to locate and acquire a bunch of them. Your investment funds all of them as we build an entire portfolio. Owning multiple firms mitigates risk and boosts our chances of success. We’re in this together!
3 Tax advantages.
Our firm is structured as a tax-advantaged qualified small business stock (QSBS), which means it will shield most investors from capital gains taxes. Under IRS Code Section 1202, the capital gains from qualified small businesses are exempt from federal taxes. The investor must have acquired the stock at its original issue (this RegA+ offering) and not on the secondary market, and hold it for five years to fully qualify. Everyone’s situation may be different; please consult your tax professional for personalized advice.
4 We obey the golden rule.
Seismic believes in building earth-shaking companies—but without causing damage (except, perhaps, to some competitors). Our investment criteria are embedded in ethics—a commitment to preserving the environment, increasing diversity, and being socially responsible. Our subsidiaries, although given the autonomy to flourish, are onboard with complying with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

Ready to diversify your portfolio as we aim to shake up industries?