1) How long has Seismic been a company?

Seismic was founded in 2020.

2) Who founded Seismic?

Steven Weinstein, Eric White, and Alice Neuhauser.

Learn more about our leadership here: https://seismiccc.com/team/

3) How is investing with Seismic different from traditional venture capital?

Seismic is making venture capital investing available to all investors, and not just wealthy investors. With Seismic, all investors – accredited, non-accredited, institutional and pension funds – can participate in investing in up-and-coming companies of the future before they become household names. We are a no-fee venture investment firm, meaning we are fellow shareholders of the same stock in the same slate of startups as our investors - when our startups do well, we do well, and you do well.

4) Why does Seismic use a holding company structure?

Seismic is a holding company, and not a fund. Funds are structured typically such that only accredited and wealthy investors can participate. By launching as a holding company, Seismic has found a way to open this opportunity up to all investors for the first time. In contrast to a traditional venture capital fund, some of which have investment minimums of $1,000,000 or more, Seismic set its minimum at $2,500 so just about all investors could participate in venture capital, which has historically been the best performing of all asset classes.

5) Are there other holding companies I might have heard of?

Berkshire Hathaway is one. We’re a lot smaller … at this stage.

6) How many investments do you plan to have within the holding?

Seismic commenced its SEC Regulation A+ offering late in the 3rd quarter of 2021, aiming to raise $49 million. Our goal at this stage is to grow to 10-15 companies.

We have no limit on the number of companies we invest in.

7) Will Seismic go public at some point? / Do you think you will ever take Seismic itself public, or is that an idea that’s confined to the portfolio companies?

Seismic is a possible candidate for an initial public offering, but no decision has been made regarding this topic.

8) Is Seismic a Certified B Corporation?

As we grow, we will seek formal recognition as a Certified B Corporation; for now, we are putting Certified B Corporation practices into place today.

-Certified B Corporations balance purpose and profit. -They consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. -B Corporations form a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

9) Does Seismic have a Board of Advisors? / Who is on the Board of Advisors?

Yes. The Seismic Capital advisory board features a suite of professionals from various industries and disciplines, creating an extensive network of expertise and knowledge for mentorship, support, and new opportunities. Click here to learn more about our advisors and their backgrounds. https://seismic.company/#leadership

10) What is Seismic’s approach to diversity and inclusion?

We believe that businesses should meet the highest standards of integrity and accountability—not only to advance the bottom line, but also to promote and protect the environment and our communities. We believe in building a more responsible and sustainable economy; we want to contribute to a world with less inequality and poverty, better health, greater human connections, and more jobs with purpose and dignity. We value and advance diversity and inclusion across all lines.

11) How can I learn more?

For more information, please visit https://seismic.company/, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.