Why we’ve been called a “Founders Paradise”

Chasing funding is a distraction from building value. When you are a part of Seismic, you concentrate on what’s important to create value. And that’s the only think you concentrate on.

Milestones are a distraction, especially when they are linked to your next funding round. When you are a part of Seismic, your long-term funding is secure. And patient.

Admin is a distraction. When you are a part of Seismic, you focus on developing technology, building products and acquiring customers. We worry about the boring stuff – admin, HR, benefits, payroll, legal, accounting.

It’s lonely at the top. Except when you have partners who will hear you, brainstorm with you, open doors for you. And a cadre of advisors to draw on with experience in every aspect of business building.

“But we’re different from everyone else.” Yeah, that’s why we’re interested, why we’re sector-agnostic, why we seek out all kinds of entrepreneurs (not just traditional ones), and why we want to hear from you!

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