1) What sectors is Seismic looking to invest in?

Seismic follows a diversified investment strategy and will continue on that path in 2023. Some of the spaces we are most interested in are online gaming and cellular network infrastructure, business tools, women’s health, supply chain, and parts development and management. We believe we’re best when we invest in what would typically be called a “late seed round” or “early Series A.” We value a company with strong, ethical management, a product, and at least one customer.

2) How does Seismic choose companies to invest in?

Seismic is an early-stage growth investor committed to identifying, guiding, and nurturing companies seeking to meaningfully disrupt the space they work in. To invest in private startups, it takes an experienced team and a systematic process. Our management team and industry leading board of advisors develop intimate relationships with startup founders, digging in and examining every detail - before investing our money and yours. We invest in highly motivated management teams and entrepreneurs who demonstrate potential for growth and profit of seismic proportions who meet environmental, social, and governance standards. How do I connect with Seismic about my business?

Reach out to our team at info@seismic.company for more info.

3) I work at a company that would be perfect for Seismic. Who do I talk to?

Reach out to our team at info@seismic.company for more info.

4) Would you ever sell one of your companies privately, or is the strategy to always seek IPOs?

We aim to invest in companies early, when valuations are lower, and sell later – either in an IPO, a strategic sale, or a management buyout – when valuations are higher.