We started Seismic to improve two aspects of venture capital investing:

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First, we are making venture capital investing available to all investors.

Venture capital has been the highest performing of all asset classes for decades. However, it has traditionally been limited to wealthy people and institutions.

With Seismic, all investors – accredited, non-accredited, institutional and pension funds – can participate in investing in up-and-coming companies of the future before they become household names.

Second, we are changing the way companies are backed, increasing the odds that they will thrive.

The traditional model of allowing a few to survive while the rest fail has meant that many excellent opportunities have been wasted.

Seismic backs companies with patient capital—to get the job done right, not just fast.

The infrastructure we built differentiates us from traditional VCs. Seismic is the first venture investor designed from the ground up to offer shares to the general public.

Our mindset—to accomplish these goals—requires that management never put itself ahead of other stakeholders. At Seismic, we invest and we earn together.

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