Five things you need to know about Seismic:

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The best performing of all asset classes over many years has been venture capital, and most people have been shut out from investing in it because minimum investments have been $100,000 or $1,000,000 or more.

By contrast, the minimum investment in Seismic is $2,500. You are also welcome to invest more, and we have incentives for larger investorsbecause they create protection for our other participants.

Your investment is tax-advantaged and free from capital gains taxes, federally and in most jurisdictions, after a holding period.

Unlike traditional VC, there are no capital calls at Seismic. We don’t believe in making you stay liquid to juice our returns. We also don’t believe in fees, so there are none.

And speaking of returns, traditional VC expects annualized returns of 25% to 35%.

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