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Evolectric – Fast Track to the Future of Transportation

Our latest LOI for a portfolio company is in Electric Vehicles, fleet trucks.

Although they have not formally joined our team, Seismic has agreed to provide limited support to Evolectric, a Long Beach, California-based technology firm specializing in electrified transportation and battery technologies that convert small- and mid-size gas-powered fleet trucks to Electric Vehicles.

Our investment team believes Evolectric has an important role to play and can become a leader in clean tech innovation, accelerating EV adoption rates in domestic and emerging markets. The global market for EVs is projected to see massive growth throughout this decade – and Evolectric is primed to make a big splash.

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Game Cloud Network (GCN) is positioned to be a leader in mobile game development, hosting, and in-game advertising.

With GCN’s all-in-one RIVIT platform, developers and publishers are able to develop and host games while integrating ads from brands and sponsorships for e-sports events. Creating a centralized platform allows for a more seamless integration of dynamic ads and easier B2B collaboration to reach a wider customer pool.

Initially formed to showcase the world’s first mobile edge game server with Microsoft and AT&T, GCN is led by industry veterans from EA, Microsoft, Acer, and IBM. Seismic Capital believes that GCN will be a key player in the infrastructure of the most important trends in the future of gaming.