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Tunespotter – The Destination for Music Moments

Seismic Capital has officially announced its intent to invest in Tunespotter, an app development located in New York City. Tunespotter is the developer of an eponymous app aiming to be the destination and search engine for music lovers everywhere. Tunespotter provides everybody the ability to find, identify, and share music from their favorite films, TV shows, video games, and more.

Tunespotter is a revolutionary new platform that lies at the intersection of film, music, and pop culture. Research has identified over 84 million yearly search engine queries asking, “What song was in [that movie or show]?” That’s where Tunespotter comes into play. Through the app, music and film lovers alike find the precise movie music moments they’re looking for. These moments, curated and showcased by Tunespotter, can be shared with other users across the platform, creating an amazing collection of entertainment all located in one app. It’s a community by fans, for fans, aiming to create unique and immersive experiences for its users.

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Evolectric – Fast Track to the Future of Transportation

Our latest LOI for a portfolio company is in Electric Vehicles, fleet trucks.

Although they have not formally joined our team, Seismic has agreed to provide limited support to Evolectric, a Long Beach, California-based technology firm specializing in electrified transportation and battery technologies that convert small- and mid-size gas-powered fleet trucks to Electric Vehicles.

Our investment team believes Evolectric has an important role to play and can become a leader in clean tech innovation, accelerating EV adoption rates in domestic and emerging markets. The global market for EVs is projected to see massive growth throughout this decade – and Evolectric is primed to make a big splash.

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Game Cloud Network (GCN) is positioned to be a leader in mobile game development, hosting, and in-game advertising.

With GCN’s all-in-one RIVIT platform, developers and publishers are able to develop and host games while integrating ads from brands and sponsorships for e-sports events. Creating a centralized platform allows for a more seamless integration of dynamic ads and easier B2B collaboration to reach a wider customer pool.

Initially formed to showcase the world’s first mobile edge game server with Microsoft and AT&T, GCN is led by industry veterans from EA, Microsoft, Acer, and IBM. Seismic Capital believes that GCN will be a key player in the infrastructure of the most important trends in the future of gaming.