5 Apps Every Small Business Owner Needs for Peak Productivity

September 22, 2022

By Brady Baker, BackFromBurnout.Net

Guest Columnist

Running a small business is a lot of work, so if there’s anything you can do to make your operations more efficient, it’s worth considering! From seeking outside investment from a venture capital organization like Seismic to using helpful productivity apps, there are plenty of ways to ease your own workload and free up more hours in your day. Here are a few apps you might want to invest in, from mobile scanning tools to invoice generating systems!

Mobile Scanning App

If you’re frequently on the go, you might find yourself without access to a scanner when you need it most. Today, you can simply use a mobile scanning app to conveniently upload and share documents from anywhere! Just download a mobile scanning app to your smartphone. You’ll be able to keep your documents organized in a digital folder and access them no matter where you are.

Invoice Generator

Have you been manually creating invoices every time you need to bill a client? If so, it’s time to switch to an online invoice generator. By using an invoicing system, you’ll be able to create and send invoices efficiently and receive payments faster. You can pick out premade templates, add the text, photo, and logo you need, and then download the invoice in your preferred format.

Project Management Software

You might assume that you only need project management software if you oversee a large remote team – but even if you’re running your business entirely by yourself, this software can be extremely useful. You can use project management software to keep track of deadlines and break down large projects into smaller tasks. To choose the right software, TrustRadius recommends looking for customizability, integration possibilities, reasonable pricing, and scalability if you want to onboard more users in the future.

Customer Relationship Management Program

Do you find that tracking sales and marketing leads is taking up a lot of time that you would rather spend on other tasks? Using a customer relationship management program can make it much easier for you to keep track of all of your leads, stay in touch with your customers, and even identify potential process improvements in your outreach strategy. If you’re not sure which CRM program you should pick, Finances Online recommends seeking out software with lots of collaboration features, strong security protections, and automation functions. When you can use a CRM program to automate your functions, you’ll be able to save more time.

Vendor Management System

If you work with lots of vendors, you’ll definitely want to find a reliable vendor management system. With the right vendor management system, coordinating with your vendors will be a breeze, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on incoming deliveries, organize and store all of your key contracts, and analyze vendor performance to ensure that your relationships are mutually beneficial. 

There are lots of vendor management systems on the market, so it’s important to choose one that is specifically designed for your industry. If you’re running a restaurant, using a vendor management system designed for retail shops in the clothing industry won’t serve you best! You may want to ask other entrepreneurs in your niche for their recommendations.

As an entrepreneur, you’re always interested in apps and tools that will make your life as a business owner a bit easier. By investing in the right apps, you can speed up your processes, eliminate avoidable errors, and get through your to-do list faster. With a mobile scanner, invoice generator, project management system, and other apps, you’ll be able to stay on top of your responsibilities easily.

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Photo via Pexels