Why is diversification good for my portfolio?

July 14, 2022

A diversified portfolio can help mitigate risk: 

At Seismic, we prioritize the diversification of industries, companies, and stages to maximize the probability of seismic returns. Venture capital is not historically known as being a safe bet for investors; often, companies fail from poor funding or an under-organized staff. Venture can be a longer-term investment. This is why becoming a Seismic Company might be more advantageous. You decide how much you want to invest, not some high minimum that only accredited (read millionaires and above) can afford.

2021 was a historically successful year for venture capital, with fundraising exceeding $100 billion dollars for the first time. The first quarter of 2022 saw a slight slowdown from the exceptional spike in 2021, but venture-backed companies still attracted $71 billion, greater than pre-2021 totals. With new and pressing challenges in Medtech, streaming media,cyber security, server needs, and mobile gaming, there has never been a better time than now to get invested in the start-ups of the future.

Most, if not nearly all that money, and therefore future profits are going to institutions and the very wealthy.

We are changing that.

For more information on getting invested with Seismic, please see our offering page where you will find our SEC-qualified Offering Circular. Additionally, you can now invest with us directly through Docusign by simply clicking here, entering your name and email address on the first page, and following the instructions.