Sustainable Investing For Everyone!

July 14, 2022

You probably associate venture capital (VC) with silicon-valley billionaires. The wealthy investor scouring the globe looking for the next big thing looking to pour money into the latest trend. Start-ups may turn to these VCs powered by college endowments, pension funds or ultra-wealthy families in order to secure necessary funding for their business.

At Seismic, we are taking another approach. Our offering makes investing in up-and-coming start-ups realistic for most anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio. With just a $1,000 minimum investment, you can have a stake in all the holdings we acquire. The diversification of companies, industries, and stages of development will be a strategic advantage for our shareholders, aiming to mitigate risk and maximize the probability of success.

In this Business Insider piece on equity crowdfunding, our CEO Steven Weinstein said that with crowdfunding “…startups are able to take a patient capital approach, forgoing immediate returns with the intent of gaining more substantial, lasting returns as their company grows.” When startups can take their time, they can focus on building their customer base and quality of their products. This is why at Seismic we put our business expertise to work, including mentorship and assistance in the everyday non-core functioning of the company in our offering to our portfolio companies.

The focus on long-term returns is also why we look at companies who meet ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards. Research shows that more and more investment companies are committing to following ESG requirements. We believe that this shift in focus towards sustainable investing will help maximize long-term value for our shareholders.

Unlike our peers, we focus on long-term returns, sustainability, transparency and our most important measure, scalability. These are the key trends that Seismic’s business is all about capturing.

To invest in Seismic please go to our offering page where you will also find our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.