In times of uncertainty, investors look for alternatives…

July 14, 2022

In times of uncertainty, investors look for alternatives…

Do you want a piece of the highest-performing asset class? Something that largely has only been available to large institutions and the ultra wealthy? At Seismic Capital Company we have structured our capital raise to give most everyone the opportunity to become a part of the growing and historically profitable world of venture capital.

For the first quarter of 2021, Venture Capital was outperforming every other asset class, including the stock market, private equity, and real estate. The annualized internal rate of return was pegged at 19.8%. In the second quarter, that 19.8% became 65%. In other words, people who were invested in venture capital were seeing their money create a return of 65%.

The National Bureau of Economic Research has stated that a 25% return is expected by most venture capitalists. Experienced venture capitalists usually consider a successful investment one that doubles in a period of 10 years.

At Seismic, we are looking for companies that seek to disrupt their industries, and have the potential for long-term seismic growth. Our team is here to give these companies the resources they need to succeed, including steady, patient funding, and removing burdens by providing administration and back-office support. This is to have management focused on building products and customers, not doing paperwork.

One company we’re considering is working to change the face of online gaming. Imagine if you’re playing on the cellular network and – no matter where you are on the net – you don’t experience any lag or distortion. This idea could change the way all online gaming is done, specifically the way games operate on all devices, revolutionizing all corners of the industry. These are the companies and ideas we are looking to support. In order to reach their full potential, they will need us to expand their network and improve their efficiency, and we need investors like you to fund this movement.

An investment in Seismic means owning a part of all of our portfolio as we build it. Visit our offering page to invest, learn more, and find our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.