Diversity, along with innovation, is needed in venture capital

July 14, 2022

Venture Capital Thrives on Diversity

Venture capital has, for largely good reasons, earned a reputation as being inaccessible to underrepresented groups. Thankfully, that image is beginning to change due to an emerging group of diverse fund managers who bring varying perspectives to the market.

At Seismic, we will not shy away from seeking diversity of many kinds in our acquisitions and connections. From the startups we will acquire to our advisory board whose experience will aid the founders’ ability to expand their network and build their businesses, we prioritize the inclusion of different voices, from various racial and economic backgrounds, as we build our portfolio. Seeing as how we are focused on innovation, it should only make sense that we would be open to perspectives and voices, both similar and highly different from our own.

Remember, our goal is not to follow trends, but to look for companies with the potential to create Seismic ruptures in their respective industries, to create the trends. This means looking to a new generation of entrepreneurs for ideas and products that can change the world. We’re not thinking of diversity for diversity’s sake, but the real economics and demographics to back up progress, change, and megatrends. It’s needed for venture capital to thrive in the coming decades.

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