What if You Had Invested in Apple While it Was Still in the Garage

July 14, 2022
What if You Had Invested in Apple While it Was Still in the Garage?

At Seismic Capital, we support up-and-coming startups that we believe have the right formula to disrupt current or create new markets, becoming billion-dollar enterprises along the way. By investing in Seismic Capital, you are gaining access to a class of investments that is normally only seen by a select few.

How Do We Do It?
Seismic Capital is not a standard venture capital firm. Unlike typical VC’s, our capital comes from individual investors, not from institutions or the ultra-wealthy. We provide our portfolio companies with unprecedented levels of operational support from experts in every part of the process in launching a business.

The Basics:

  1. We welcome investors of all levels of income, wealth, and experience. 
  2. We don’t charge fees.
  3. All shareholders–investors, managers, advisors, company founders–in Seismic Capital have the same class of shares: regular, common stock. Everyone wins together.

How Do You Make Money with Seismic?
1. As our companies begin to cash flow, we intend to pay dividends.
2. As our companies reach scale, we intend to sell them or take them public. We intend to make distributions from these events.
3. When you sell your Seismic shares, if we’ve done our job right, they’ll be worth more than when you bought them, and you’ll profit from the sale.

How Do We Choose Companies To Invest In?
We do a lot of diligence before making an investment. This means we find out what a start-up’s goal is, who works there, what they have accomplished so far, and where Seismic can guide them, and open doors. By doing this, we can invest in companies we believe are the most likely to succeed at the level we are seeking.

How Many Investments Do You Have?
We look at lots of companies before making an investment. Seismic plans to begin announcing investments shortly. We have reviewed more than 250 companies so far. We are estimating 10-12 to start.

What happens after Seismic invests? 
We know that the “business of running the business” can distract founders from the “business of growing the business.” Seismic Capital takes over operations, like payroll and HR, so our companies are free to concentrate on the unique capabilities they have for developing technology, building products, and acquiring customers.

Want to invest aiming to cash-in on game-changing innovation? Visit our offering page to do so, and there you will also find our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.