Increasing the Probability of Success: How Seismic Supports its Portfolio Companies

July 14, 2022

How becoming a Seismic portfolio company aids start-ups (and our investors).

The typical role of venture capitalists is to provide capital for a start-up they deem to have potential for fast, high growth, in exchange for an equity stake in the company. At Seismic Capital, we give the companies we are backing time to do the job right, with what we call “patient capital.” That is only the beginning of the advantages of becoming a Seismic company.

Two Examples of the Seismic Advantage that Our Portfolio Companies Receive:

  1. We alleviate the burden of everyday tasks, for example, payroll and HR administration, two important activities that repeatedly burn precious founder hours. Instead of taking time to accomplish these mundane and time-consuming tasks, Seismic company founders can concentrate their efforts on developing their products, technology, brand, and expanding their customer base. We know that sometimes the biggest obstacle to “growing a business” can be “running the business itself,” and we are here to help with those tasks that take hours away from the core mission.
  2. Every company is assigned a team, composed of our leadership, and key members of our advisory board, specifically targeted to supporting the company’s growth needs. We consider what our companies need to expand and grow their networks, and assign them our advisors who are best positioned to bring them industry connections, counsel them on markets, team building, process, and whatever else is required for our portfolio company to achieve its goals.

Even companies whose goal is to upend their industries, begin megatrends, or even to create entirely new industries, need guidance and connections from people with deep knowledge of the industry the companies are disrupting. Our job is to connect those dots for our companies and ensure they have the creative energy needed to be successful innovators.

As we acquire companies for our portfolio — with announcements coming soon — we are welcoming investors like you to add to our capital base. We invite you to be a part of the Seismic vision to nurture and build some of the world’s next game-changing companies before they go public. Your investment in Seismic is an investment in all the companies we back—not just one. This diversification of companies, industries, and growth stages will be a strategic advantage for our shareholders, aiming to mitigate risk and maximize the probability of success.

To invest, visit our offering page where you can read our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.