We plan to announce our initial investments, making NOW an ideal time to invest in Seismic Capital.

July 14, 2022

We plan to announce our initial investments, making NOW an ideal time to invest in Seismic Capital.

At Seismic, we are uncovering startups with the potential to be industry-shifting – or to create new industries altogether. Identifying these companies is a tall order and then, as we invest, nurturing them to achieve greatness is our next order of business.

We are currently negotiating to make investments in three companies, all with big potential impact. In keeping with building a diversification strategy inside an investment in Seismic itself, these first three we are targeting will be operating in the online video gaming, entertainment, and environmental stewardship spaces.

Beyond the basic business premise, each firm and its management complies with high standards of integrity and accountability to promote and protect the environment and our communities (ESG standards). There is a growing body of evidence that sustainable and ethical business practices outperform their competitors in the long term.

People who have been watching us are joining our investor group as we begin to announce our portfolio companies officially. With our decades of experience in finance, technology, and entertainment, we have seen companies come and go, and we know what a startup needs to succeed. With our patient capital, leadership support, and our on-call advisory board, we believe we will help our startups reach their full potential, as they aim to become billion-dollar companies before being sold or going public.

You can read our SEC-qualified offering circular from this link, directly on the SEC website. If you have any more questions, please feel free to write us an email at invest@seismic.company.

Most importantly, now is the perfect time to invest. Click here.