After a historic year for venture capital in 2021, are VC’s losing interest in startups

July 14, 2022

Why Seismic Capital Corp is different.

More funding – an astounding $329.41 billion – was invested in start-ups by venture capital companies in 2021. It was the biggest year in history for VC funding, nearly double the amount from the year before.

Early signs show that in 2022, the trend is NOT continuing. Venture funds have been renegotiating deals. Startups have been encountering tougher terms, if they can get an offer of funding at all. A lot of deals are simply not getting done, due to fearful capital or too little enthusiasm on the part of the VCs.

The real question is, is innovation slowing or is opportunity decreasing? At Seismic Capital, we believe innovation is continuing, and in some places accelerating. Further, we see plenty of opportunities. 

We are not emotional investors. We bring experience and insight into startup investing. Our goal is to create our own momentum by funding and nurturing startups that have the potential to redefine and alter their industries. Some of the world’s most successful companies are brands started during downturns, and even more when venture capital funds were acting out of fear.

Our founders and advisory board have seen companies come and go, and we know what one needs to flourish. Seismic is uncovering companies with that kind of vision and potential. To do this, we need investors like you. Your investment helps us provide adequate, patient capital to the firms where we see potential for explosive growth and market domination.

Your investment in Seismic Capital is an investment in all the companies in our portfolio as we make our investments.

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