Every journey starts with the first step … invest now, and travel with us.

July 14, 2022

At Seismic Capital, we provide patient, long-term growth capital, plus our decades of experience in tech, finance and entertainment, to build companies from the ground up.

As C-Suite leaders of companies both large and small, we have experienced first-hand the differences between enterprises that are thriving and those that are destined to fail. We apply our experience to growing the companies we invest in.

For example, our CFO Alice Neuhauser ran Carolco Pictures when it was in its wind-down period. During that time, a remarkable 100% of senior bond and trade debt of bankrupt companies was repaid, exceeding investor-banker projections by 100%. Alice was chosen for that job, and to be CFO of Seismic Capital, because she understands what companies need to do to succeed – and to surpass expectations.

That depth of experience and understanding is pervasive at Seismic Capital. We understand what startups need so they can apply their focus to what they do best, developing their products and getting it to their customers. That’s why we provide our companies with back-office and HR support, and with corporate and advisory coaching so all Seismic companies can build.

Ultimately, our goal is to help build unicorns, or startups that are valued at more than $1 billion. Globally, there were more than 1,200 active unicorns. We plan to add to this list by targeting startups that have potential to change their entire industries, that don’t follow the status quo, and provide necessary, and socially responsible, services to consumers.

If you invest now, you will be on the ground floor with us, and these firms, on the journey.

When you invest in Seismic Capital, you are investing in our entire portfolio of companies as we assemble it. To invest, please head to https://live-seismic-company.pantheonsite.io/rt/, where you can also read our SEC-qualified offering circular.