Investing With an Edge: The Secrets to Venture Capital’s Success

July 14, 2022

When we say we’re investing in startups that we believe can change the world, it may sound like a pipe dream—or at least an exaggeration. But it’s neither. Venture Capital has already changed the world, and it will do so again.


Yesterday, Bloomberg published a piece explaining how Venture Capital effectively shaped the world as it is today by prioritizing disruptive innovation. One key reason for their success, the piece argues, is that they essentially operate as networks. Venture Capitalists combine the strengths of a company and a market: like a company, they provide startups with resources for growth such as management skills, contacts, and capital, and like a market, their operations are fluid and flexible. Add portfolio diversification to the mix and Venture Capitalists are in a prime position for success, with just one “grand-slam” investment often making up for any other “dud” investments many times over. Of course, there are many other factors to consider, which is why we think the entire article (which delves far deeper) is worth a read.


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