Seismic CEO weighs in on SEC hurdles for investors – an exclusive interview

July 14, 2022

As SEC suggests changing the rules, Seismic stands firm — Democratizing Venture Capital:

Last week, our CEO, Steven Weinstein, spoke with Proactive Investors about the SEC’s recent proposal to change the definition of “accredited investor.” In this exclusive (under 7-minute) interview, Steven shed some light on the implications of that change, which would block even more investors from investing directly in startups.

This week, Crowdfund Insideramong the foremost sources of news from the disruptive finance world, amplified Steven’s message, in an in-depth interview on the proposed redefinition and its impact on private funding markets. Among other things (the article is worth a read), Steven discussed how raising the threshold to qualify as an “accredited investor” to a net worth of $10 million (ten times the existing threshold) would not only run counter to the democratic principles of a free market, but could have a damaging effect on the growth of early-stage startups in need of capital.

As Steven noted, though, there is a solution: Seismic Capital offers a way for most all investors—not just institutions and the ultra-wealthy—to add Venture Capital to their portfolio. While this top-performing asset class has traditionally been available only to the biggest investors, Seismic’s current Regulation A+ offering has torn down the barriers to entry. Now, through one single investment in Seismic, most investors (read: you) can own a wide range of private companies specifically chosen by the Seismic team for their high potential to become the next “unicorn,” or billion-dollar startup.

Steven explains it in the clearest terms possible—“we created the first venture investment vehicle to offer our shares to the general public.” We did it because we truly believe Venture Capital should be in everyone’s portfolio. And with more than 1,000 unicorn startups and counting now in the private market, we don’t think our timing could have been better.

For more on our potentially game-changing Venture Capital-type firm, including details of our “acquire, nurture, and exit” strategy of delivering profits to our investors, please visit our offering page. Also on that page is a link to our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.