So you want to invest in startups. We’ve made it easy for you…

July 14, 2022

“Any press is good press,” or so the maxim goes. But the way we see it, good press is way better press—and we’ve been getting a lot of it lately.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Alice Neuhauser, was recently featured in an article by Invested Wallet offering advice on startup investing. In it, she answers everyone’s favorite question: “How do I ensure a return on my investment?” As Alice explains, it’s not easy, and there’s never a guarantee that you’ll make a profit—but with the right scrutiny and familiarity with the market, there are steps you can take to improve your chances. It’s always worth reading an interview with Alice.

At Seismic, we understand that not everyone has the time or the experience to balance each and every factor to make the most informed decision possible. Not to mention the wealth necessary to diversify across multiple startups to manage risk. And don’t even get us started on the “accredited investor” hurdle, which blocks the way for most Americans (anyone with a net worth below $1 million) to a whole lot of startups. And now the SEC is considering upping that threshold to $10 million.

That’s why we’re offering a different route—a more democratic path.
Through one single investment in our Venture Capital-type firm, you’re investing in our entire portfolio of startups as we carefully select them for their high potential. We aren’t just targeting “base hits”—we’re looking for “grand slams,” companies that we think have the ideas, vision, and leadership to become the next “unicorn” (or billion-dollar startup). To help ensure success, we take on the day-to-day administration of our portfolio companies, so that their leaders can devote their full attention to product development, customer acquisition, and more aspects of company growth. This doesn’t just reduce risk—it maximizes potential for gains, and as our startups generate cash flow or exit the private market, we plan on paying distributions to our investors, with priority #1 being to pay back their initial investment in full.

WATCH: “What Is Seismic?: A Brief Introduction”

Those are just the bare essentials of our offering. To get a better idea of our plan to acquire and nurture high-potential startups, consider checking out our brief (under 4-minute) introductory video, which we recently added to our new YouTube channel (also pre-loaded with every webinar to date). Or find it, along with tons of other information on investing in Seismic, on our Offering Page, where you will also find a link to our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.