Investor Update! “Unicorn” Herd Grows to 1,000 Startups. Could we find the next?

July 14, 2022

Another week, another milestone for Venture Capital. And this one is especially exciting for us, given our mission to find the next “unicorn” (i.e. a startup valued at $1 billion or more).

After an unprecedented performance in 2021 and a promising start to the new year, venture capital has officially hit 1,000 unicorn startups.* No, you didn’t read that wrong. There are now a total of 1,000 startups worth $1 billion or more, with an average of about two new companies achieving “unicorn” status every day. More than half of those startups achieved a $1 billion valuation just last year, and so far it doesn’t look like the stream is slowing down any time soon.

These are all privately held companies. However, their value is confirmed in a similar way, via how much someone is willing to pay for their stock.

Now the question is, how do you invest in private companies? Keep in mind that, globally, there are probably hundreds of thousands seeking funding (and the 1,000 unicorns is a global number too).


So what are the odds that you have access to, and the skills to select, the next unicorn?



What our Venture Capital-type firm aims to do is identify, acquire, and nurture the growth of the next potential set of unicorn startups before they get big. That way, we can maximize returns on our—and your—investment, and deliver potentially “Seismic” profits after their valuation snowballs.


To give you a sense of the type of industry-disrupting innovation we’re after, and so you know we’re not just talk, we want to share a list of companies that we’re currently considering for investment:


  • Blockbonds/SPENN, fintech sector, virtual ATM services for unbanked people in Africa, Asia and Europe.

  • ClearingBid, fintech sector, technology platform for initial public offerings.

  • Clix, entertainment sector, cross-platform premium content provider.

  • Conscious Good, entertainment sector, community-driven media streaming platform for personal growth.

  • Curio Digital Therapeutics, medical technology sector, women’s cognitive behavioral therapy programs.

  • Environmental Ratings Standards, impact sector, rating system for corporate environmental performance.

  • Game Cloud Network, gaming sector, 5G cellular network platform technology to enhance gaming performance.

  • GetZage, medical technology sector, app and service for adults to access care for their elders.

  • MovieComm, using movie clips to help today’s leaders with team motivation as well as influencers in their message.

  • Parq, process improvement sector, provides parking industry software and space optimization.

  • Spare, fintech sector, virtual ATM services for unbanked people in North and South America.

  • Warehouse Republic, process improvement, E-Commerce 3rd logistics for Fulfillment by Amazon others.


At our last webinar, we talked a bit about what we look for when building a portfolio of high-potential startups, and why we’re targeting the specific sectors that the above companies operate in. If you haven’t already seen it, it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the work we’re doing. The replay, along with responses to questions submitted live by attendees, can be found right on our offering page.


And if you’re short on time, no worries. We put together a list of some key takeaways to give you an idea of what we discussed:


  • Seismic has opened the door to Venture Capital investing. What was once an asset class reserved for institutions and the ultra-wealthy is now available to investors of all backgrounds for an unprecedentedly low minimum of $1,000.


  • High performance potential. Portfolio diversification. Tax advantages. These aren’t the only perks to having Seismic in your portfolio.


  • Venture Capital has produced outsize returns for college endowments, pension funds, and other big spenders—but they’re not the only ones who can profit.


  • Investing can feel like a maze, but our plan is simple. Acquire and nurture startups that we believe can totally reinvent their industries, then share profits with investors (and we’ve got a few ways to do so).


  • Our plan may be simple, but our strategy is refined. We manage risk and maximize potential for returns through hands-on mentorship and diversification of investments—and by investing in Seismic, you’re investing in our entire portfolio of startups.


For even more information on adding Venture Capital to your portfolio through one investment in our entire selection of startups, you can also visit our offering page and read through our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.

*Read the full story here.