Meet the leaders of Seismic!

July 14, 2022

At Seismic, we are proud to seek and invest in potential billion-dollar startups. We do so by using our decades of experience in varied fields to uncover them, purchase them, and then help guide them to success. With our experience in tech, film & television, investment banking, to name a few, we handle our portfolio companies’ logistical challenges so that they can focus on what they do best, product development and improvement, and acquiring customers. In addition to the founders of Seismic, we also have an extensive advisory board. Our ability to lean on a deep bench of business knowledge and contacts provides a customized mentorship experience for each of our portfolio companies. Read on to learn about our founders!

CEO, Steven Weinstein:
Throughout his career, Steven has been at the forefront of technological innovation and process improvement. The CEO of Seismic led the teams that put real-time information into PCs, started artificial intelligence processing in the creation of news stories, and developed the first hypertext links into news articles. These innovations eventually lead to practices that we consider customary today. He started and led a messaging company long before mass marketing by email, SMS, and other electronic means became popular. He has raised significant capital for ventures from technology, to real estate, to litigation. Steven puts his vast experience to work in leading Seismic as it seeks to uncover the world’s next unicorns.

CFO, Alice Neuhauser:
Alice manages the internal and external procedures of Seismic. Building on her previous experience with JPMorgan Chase, where she stepped into executive management of distressed clients, she understands why companies fail, and provides great insight into how they succeed. Her operational and regulatory compliance oversight with distressed companies is foundational to her work with Seismic.  She oversees the Cap Table with Seismic’s transfer agent, coordinates accounting books and records with the company’s CPA firm, and manages compliance with Seismic’s auditor and regulatory filings with the SEC.  She also handles banking, IRA and broker dealer relationships.  This work sets the stage for the integration of Seismic’s portfolio companies as they are brought into the fold, so those acquisitions can focus their efforts squarely on building products and growing revenue.

President, Eric White:
After spending years as an investment banker with billions of dollars of successful transactions for prominent firms, Eric puts his expertise to work at Seismic as he leads the investment team and advisory board seeking to find innovative solutions that create tremendous growth and profits for our shareholders. His experience includes being a founder of a hugely successful tech company from Silicon Valley, being an advisor to venture capital and private equity firms, and leading a Washington, DC public affairs and advisory firm that were experts in technology, gaming, media, communications, transportation, banking and small business.

These three leaders are seeking, acquiring, and building the Seismic portfolio.

For more information on investing with Seismic, please visit our offering page or sign up directly with DocuSign. On our Offering Page you can also find a link to our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.