Seismic’s First Planned Investment: Game Cloud Network

October 30, 2023

Dear Seismic Capital Shareholders:

Today Seismic has passed a milestone. We’ve signed an agreement to make our first investment – in Game Cloud Network. It’s possible this was the first company we had on our radar when we officially launched Seismic nearly three years ago.

During this time, Game Cloud has had an impressive run, and we’ll shortly be announcing the details in a press release which we will send out to you when it goes to the general public. Game Cloud makes software that sits at the nexus of the 5G cellular world, online games and advertising. Some of the largest companies in the world (think Microsoft and AT&T) already are relying on the company’s infrastructure technology, and many additional customers are utilizing its game-development tools to build new ways to engage consumers.

Also during this time, Seismic has completed significant work to build our own infrastructure – and our public awareness. On the infrastructure side, under the direction of our Chief Legal Officer, Yann Geron, we have developed and stress-tested standardized legal documents that will allow us to close investments quickly in the future. Further, we know how to complete our required financial audits, and, out in the real world where we’re being watched, we’ve had a decent amount of media coverage … and an award. Our CFO Alice Neuhauser won CFO of the Year in the small private business category of the LA Business Journal in 2022, and she’s been nominated again for the same award. The LA Times has nominated Alice again for the CFO award, and they’ve announced that they will recognize me as a CEO Visionary in their upcoming C-Suite magazine.

Since inception, we completed qualification of our Regulation A offering and brought it live via our website. For the first time ever, non-accredited investors were able to invest in a portfolio play within the venture capital arena. We completed filing of a Regulation D offering just for accredited investors. We completed a debt offering for investors of $50,000 and above, and we launched special discounted equity offerings for investors also at $50,000 and above, with warrant coverage starting at $250,000 investment.

We are optimistic that the news of the Game Cloud investment will spur our fundraising so that we can build momentum to support the several other prospective investments that Eric White, our President and Chief Investment Officer, has in the pipeline. Since inception, Eric has reviewed more than 500 companies that have been brought to our attention.

Also likely to spur fundraising will, we hope, be the announcement of our first institutional investor. This investor, if we can complete the transaction, will change the face of Seismic by providing significant capital for us to complete any financing we can currently envision, and also support and protect the investments by our individual investors.

Back to the upcoming announcement. Once we announce it, Seismic will be well on its way to accomplishing two primary tasks – changing the face of venture capital so that virtually all investors can participate, and changing the way that investing is done to, if our estimations are correct, increase the chances that our companies will thrive and realize the value we all hope they can deliver.

At this stage, on behalf of the entire founding team – Eric, Alice, Yann and me – I want to say thank you to you – our backers – for your ongoing encouragement and support.

We hope and expect to be back to you soon with additional good news.


Steven Weinstein


Seismic Capital Company