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July 14, 2022

With great investing comes great responsibility.


We recently opened the door to investing in Venture Capital to investors of all experience and income levels through our current round of Regulation A+ funding. While we certainly think everyone could benefit from an investment in Seismic, we also understand that this can still be challenging for newer investors. That’s why, for this update, we’re sharing an article that is not only an exciting development for us in terms of coverage, but also a valuable asset for those just starting their journey as an investor.


Our CFO, Alice Neuhauser, was recently featured in an article by SheVentures Podcast sharing key pitching tips from female investors. In it, she discloses a major pet peeve of hers: buzzwords. Using for example the common phrase “serial entrepreneur,” she explains how and why buzzwords can be a big red flag when it comes to investing. This kind of industry jargon is designed to prey upon inexperienced investors by manipulating language to mask potential shortcomings (e.g. framing noncommittal practices or lack of follow-through as “serial entrepreneurship”). We recommend that any curious investor read the full article, which features solid advice from some of the most impressive women in the investment world.

Having Alice as one of our partners has already brought us new investors. To learn more for yourself about diversifying your portfolio through a single investment in our venture capital-type firm, please visit our newly renovated offering page and read through our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.