Investor News: US VC Valuations Report, Global Fund Performance Report – 2021

July 14, 2022

PitchBook, a leading private capital data and research firm, recently released its “Global Fund Performance Report” through Q2 2021 (with preliminary Q3 2021 data).* The report, which tracked data across the full range of private fund strategies to predict future trends in the face of shifting economic conditions, showed that Venture Capital returns on a one-year rolling basis surpassed 65%, marking the fifth quarter in a row that internal rates of return have increased.

Only a few days earlier, PitchBook also released its “US VC Valuations Report” for all of 2021.** This annual report revealed that, in the last year, venture-backed startups saw a huge increase in valuations, with credit in large part due to the influx of nontraditional investors. And as we’ve noted time and again, increased valuations means more startups eager to exit—either by going public in the hopes of even more growth, or by being acquired by larger companies. That’s how we intend to profit, and how you as our shareholder, owning the same class of shares as our founders, can profit alongside us.

We are opening the door to Venture Capital to investors of all sizes and experience. 

We’re focused on startups that we deem to have the highest potential for growth—startups that we believe can change their industries forever. With more and more people turning away from public markets in favor of private ones, we believe the companies we invest in and whose growth we nurture—through hands-on mentorship and professional resources—can become huge.

And the best part for us and our investors is that we’re finding them while they’re still “in the garage.”

To find out more about how we’ve broken down the barrier to Venture Capital, and how you can invest in this top-performing asset class, please visit our offering page. There, you can also find a link to our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.

*Download the report here.
**Download the report here.