Investor Update! Seismic President Makes Case for Startups in Worth Magazine

July 14, 2022

Huge news on the Seismic front!


Both of the articles below address high net worth and institutional investors. While the trends of these higher-profile investors can offer valuable economic insight, Seismic Capital is open to most all investors. We believe that venture capital investments belong in everyone’s portfolio at an appropriate level, and not just the very wealthy and institutions.


And now the news…


Last week, our President, Eric White, wrote a full-length article for Worth, a global financial and wealth management publication, about the value of investing in startups, particularly as a high net worth investor. At this crossroads of history, the private market is brimming with never-before-seen opportunities for new technologies and ideas—any of which could potentially create a lasting impact on their industries. Throughout the piece, Eric discusses the advantages of a diverse portfolio (like Seismic’s), the tax benefits that come with investing in a Qualified Small Business Stock (like Seismic), and how professionals (like Seismic) can manage risk through their startup investing strategies. To read Eric’s in-depth thoughts, check out the full article here.


Meanwhile, institutional investors have already started to double down on private assets, according to a recent study by Schroders. Citing diversification as a major incentive, a large portion of these high-profile investors plan to increase their allocation to private assets over the next 12 months. They must realize that the stage is set for venture capital to dominate the coming year. For more on this exciting development, you can read the whole story here.

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