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Creating Value for Seismic Companies (and Investors!)

Q&A from the Webinar:

Q. Demetrio, would you ever consider working directly for one of the portfolio companies? 

A. As it happens, I’m actually working directly with GCN now, while I continue to be a Seismic advisor. When the opportunity came up, the Seismic team was flexible and great about helping make it happen. I’m heading up GCN’s Customer Success now.

Q. Do Seismic portfolio companies have to pay advisors for their advice?

A. The first pass is part of the package with Seismic. If deeper, longer engagements are needed, then there’s a possibility that Seismic or the portfolio company will need to enter a pay arrangement. Seismic’s advisors are compensated for their work with Seismic.

Q. Who recruits advisors? If I wanted to become one, what would I do?

A. The chair of the advisory board is Seismic CIO and President Eric White. You can send him an email at ebw@seismiccc.com.