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Our Commitment to ESG

See how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards can match performance.

Q&A from the Webinar:

Q. The slide says you respect the human rights of workers. How does that happen?

A. One example relates to our own internal operations. One of the steps we take when we consider an investment is we have an outside firm do research on the company we’re considering, the industry where it lives, how our investment might change that industry, and so forth. When we engage a company to work on the underwriting for us, we always make sure the people in the company are being treated well, and well-paid both by our standards and also the standards of the country where they are located. We can’t meet the goals of our values statement if we’re looking the other way about how people working for us are being treated.

Q. If you value and advance diversity and inclusion across all lines, how come there’s only one woman founder?

A. There are only four of us in total who founded the firm. President/CIO Eric White and CEO Steven Weinstein had the initial idea, so that’s 50% already, two out of four. To get the train started, we had to go with people we’d worked with before, who we trusted to bring the idea to fruition. Alice Neuhauser came into the CFO role, and Yann Geron, Steven’s lawyer for close to three decades, came into the legal slot. As we grow, the percentages will change, we expect with more parity overall. It’s also worth noting that half our outside lawyers are women and half are men and 25% of our board of advisors is women.