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Seismic’s Increasing Share Price: The Basics

Seismic Capital’s share price is increasing, as of June 1, 2024. The new price will be $6.50 per share, up from $5.50 per share to reflect the growth and maturity of the company. At $6.50 the stock is still well priced, with room for upward growth.

Q&A from the Webinar:

Q. How can I find out more about Seismic?

A. Please go to our website www.seismiccc.com. It has all the information you might want, and probably more. There’s an investor guide, all our webinars, our press coverage, and more – and after you digest it all, you can invest there too.

Q. How do I pay for my investment?

A. Via the website, you can use credit card or pay via ACH. Or you can send us a wire transfer.

Q. I really like receiving your emails twice a week. If I invest, will they continue?

A. You can keep receiving emails from us as long as you’d like. Our marketing agency, E5A Integrated Marketing, will like to hear that you are enjoying the emailers. We also update our investors periodically with special emails too.

Q. How many investments do you expect to make?

A. Since we’re an equity company, and not a fund, we are not limited in how much money we can raise or how many
companies then we can invest in. And under the SEC guidelines that govern us, we’re prohibited from making forecasts. But we can say that our goal is to make approximately five this year, and we expect that the pace will accelerate in the
future. Because we’re providing capital to our companies throughout the time they’re with us, we’ll also be doing what would be considered “later rounds” for companies in the portfolio.

Q. How many companies have you invested in so far?

A. Currently we’ve provided a very small amount of capital to one company (Game Cloud Network) and that investment is on the way to being finalized. There are two others that we’ve announced, which are at various stages of due diligence and documentation, and another one will be announced very shortly. As noted in the webinar, we have streamlined our documentation now and we can accelerate the pace.

Q. If you three weren’t doing Seismic, what would you be doing?

Alice: I’d be doing Seismic.
Eric: Me, too.
Steven: I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing more. I feel like this is what we all were built for. And seeing happen – and making it happen – is very exciting.